Welcome to Tahiri and Penelope's Domain.

Welcome to our domain, here you can find a page about Brandon Boyd, Kurt, Us, Artwork, and other good stuff which shall be added in the order that we get to it!

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i am going to be attemptingto update a few times a week. so keep checking back!!

11.15.02-when tahiri returns from her vacation i will inform her that she is now incharge of the Brandon Boyd page (she's working on learning HTML) and i added some little things, and i changed the size of the first frame. enjoy!

11.10.02-i added some little things...

11.1.02-i added some links here and there, other little things...tralalala

10.21.02-well i started a new website yesterday....(tah-dah!) so i didn't do too much today...

10.13.02-blah...i have been working on little thigns...

10.5.02-did some small updates today, if you note some little things are changed...

9.30.02-i have added some more quotes and other good stuff. YAY I GOT THE GUESTBOOK TO WORK!! are you proud of me??!?! YAY!!

9.26.02-grr...i am trying to make a guest book, but it constantly says that this page is non responsive...:'( *cries* well maybe it will work later. peace. ok, i added 4 more pictures to my section of the artwork section. i fixed the stupid link that is back to main on the link section to your left.(it linked to the uncompleted star wars page). lol ^.^;;;. well i think that is all i did today. well later! bye!

9.25.02-sorry for the lack of updates...i have been really stressed out with school (geography projects! *YUCK!!*). so today i added more aim icons! i am working on making some other ones....oh, before i forget, if you have any things you want me to draw for the artwork page email me and i might draw it! depending on the topic ;-).

9.18.02-NEW SONG OF THE WEEK! and now i am looking for a good midi for the background music on that page....and i added a link back to the main page with all my buttons! yay!!

9.17.02-I changed some music here and there. the main page music is "welcome to the jungle" which is somewhat appropriate. due to the welcome in the name. lol. and the Brandon boyd page got music. and so did the artwork page! YAY!ok bye!

9.16.02-I added a page of the cds that we own. i only have mine up so far. i will get tahiri's up eventually! i went to a soccer game today! GO TEAM!! i love soccer. ok bye

9.15.02-I have returned from Tahiri's house. i went over at 12AM yesterday. fun fun fun. i added an Instant message link. so check that out and i added a mood indicator on the about us page. since i think it should be there too. phew i just made 10 buttons for the link frame. so there they are. they took a long time to find images for and make. but they are done! YAY!!

9.13.02-I have added more music (yay), if only i could find a midi of "drive" by incubus. if anyone knows where to get it EMAIL ME! thanks. and i updated the "about us page", i added a song of the week page!umm....i updated the "brandon boyd shrine" now there are like..more than 2 images! (now all u teenies out there can cheer) and i updated the "Kurt section.

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