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are you a girlfriendless(or boyfriendless) nerd?

do u need excitment?

then join the CROP CIRCLE girlfriendless(or boyfriendless) nerd gang!

copywrite Penelope 2002

want to join my gang? email me! or im me! ~penelope

so far we have several members


1.Penelope a.k.a. 005

2."the poker girl" a.k.a. 0013

3.danny w.

4.Double-o zero


6.Moron Boy


8.Jason X.

9.Aki a.k.a. 0020

10.Spitfire "89" dude

that is all for now. email me at to sign up in this wonderful gang, entitle the email "CROP CIRCLE girlfriendless(or boyfriendless) nerd gang" or something along those lines.

Penelope and Tahiri's email

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